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This hospital is dedicated to Gastroenterology was inaugurated on 13.9.2009. According to Dr. V.G. Mohan Prasad, Gastroenterologist and Chairman of the hospital, VGM Hospital has several facilities to its credit. It is the first hospital in the area to have complete paperless electronic data capture of patient records (RFID Report). Multiple state-of-the-art Endoscopy suites are available to carry out procedures. A highly committed team of specialized doctors under V.G. Mohan Prasad have been undertaking various Endoscopic therapeutic procedures for all gastro-intestinal disorders. State of the art infrastructure at the hospital includes high resolution video manometry, Capsule Endoscopy & capsule colonoscopy, Endoscopic Ultra Sonography and Small bowel Enteroscopy, Hydrogen Breath Test and Urea Breath Test. Randox Auto Analyzer & Roche Chemiliuminesence help to detect the cause of jaundice. In fact the hospital will provide focused care of high standards in the field of Digestive Diseases, Jaundice and Liver Diseases at par with the best institutions in India or abroad. Thus it will be a specialized centre in providing teaching, training and research in this area of medicine.

Mission : To enhance the quality of health of the patient by providing preventive healthcare and specialised medical treatment at affordable cost.

Vision : To be one of finest health care institutions in the world, providing Quality Medical Care services with state of the art technology while maintaining easy accessibility, affordability and equality to all people.

 Chairman's message
Technological advances in the field of gastroenterology have progressed in leaps and bounds in the past two decades. Electronic endomicroscopes are in use today, enabling the endoscopist to do an optical biopsy. While it is a dream to make these available to our patients in India, cost constraints pose a challenge. In this presentation, I have put together the basic information on some of the facilities that we have in our centre that can help improve the diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in support of efficient patient care.
Dr.V.G.Mohan Prasad, Chairman Mrs.Radha Prasad, Managing Director




  More about Dr.V.G.Mohan Prasad >>>>>


  CHARITY-" Amaravathi Ammal Gopalratnam Gupta Trust " - Udumalpet
AAGG Trust (Amaravathi Ammal Gopalratnam Gupta Trust), Udumalpet launched in 1982 is a completely charitable trust, with80G exemption from Indian Income Tax. The Trust draws revenue from Dr Mohan Prasad's Professional income every month and also the revenue from the marriage-hall constructed by him. Every year, chidren from the underprevileged community get free books and school dresses. Medical Help is given for the needly. One camp every year of the rotary Eye-Care Project is sponsored. Free Clinic for the poor has been run for the past 12 years with thousands of downtrodden benefitted. Philanthropists are welcome to participate in this noble venture by sending their contributions in favour of " Amaravathi Ammal Gopalratnam Gupta Trust" payable at Udumalpet.
What is Endoscopy?
Endoscopy involves the use of flexible tubes, known as endoscopes, to provide a close-up, color television view of the inside of your digestive tract. Upper endoscopes are passed hrough the mouth to visualize the esophagus (food pipe), stomach, and duodenum (first portion of the small intestine), while lower endoscopes (colonoscopes) are passed through the rectum to view the colon, or large intestine. Other special endoscopes allow physicians to view portions of the pancreas, and liver as well. The use of endoscopes allows the detection of ulcers, cancers, polyps, and sites of internal bleeding. Through endoscopy, tissue samples (biopsies) may be obtained, areas of blockage can be opened, and active bleeding can be stopped. Polyps in the colon can be removed, which has been shown to prevent colon cancer.

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What is before and after endoscopy ?

Endoscopy is easily carried out on an outpatient basis and is very well tolerated bypatients. The procedure typically takes between 5 to 10 minutes to complete.The endoscopy is performed while you lie on your leftside. The technique of endoscopy is extremely safe, with very low rates of complications, when performed by a properly trained endoscopist. The most common discomfort after the examinationis a feeling of bloating as a result of the air introduced during the examination. This usually resolves quickly. Some patients also have a mild sore throat.


VGM Hospital
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Coimbatore-641 005, Tamil Nadu, India.

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